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Payment Solutions for the Financial and Business sectors

OMA Managed Services provides banks, governments and local companies with a third party service that delivers automated payment and financial transaction services. These services are provided using tried and tested software that is fully compliant with all of the mandated international standards.Our services are delivered from secure, certified and proven centers that are designed to operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Switching Services:

OMA Managed Services provides outsourced transaction switching services for ATMs, POS, Internet and any other transactions based on a card on behalf of banks and retailers. Any transaction can be switched any from any terminal and be routed it to the correct point for Issuer authorization. These terminals can belong to any bank or can be placed on behalf of the bank by OMA.

We provide the operations to support banks in:

  • The operation of their ATM and POS systems
  • The operation of their internet acquiring transactions
  • We install GPRS / Wireless ATMs and POS devices where the banks customers are when they need to get cash or pay for goods and services
  • We can manage banks ATMs and POS devices and run, service, and maintain them on their behalf.

Automated Payments:

Provide systems that automate many of the functions in government and business:

  • Automated invoices and statements to the person directly, mobile billing etc:
  • Direct debits to pay utility bills and others direct from an account when required and on time
  • We provides a full settlement and reconciliation function for al of the transactions automated.


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